Christine Anne Snyder was an arborist for Outdoor Circle in Kailua,Hawaii. She was one of the victims onboard Flight 93. She was aged 32. [1]

With her long blonde hair and a deep beach tan honed from a lifetime in Hawaii, Christine was often underestimated by the people she came up against in her job as an arborist with the islands' oldest nonprofit environmental group.[2]

But time and again during her 6 1/2 years with The Outdoor Circle, Snyder would convince developers, builders and state officials of the need to preserve and replant native trees across the Hawaiian islands.[2]

As project manager for landscape and planting, "she had a very strong opinion and very good ideas," said Mary Steiner, chief executive officer of The Outdoor Circle. "She was vibrant and caring, and forceful in seeing things through. "There is a lot of red tape and a lot of coordination that was required. I think she really knew her stuff."[2]

A native Hawaiian, Christine, 32, lived a half hour's drive east of Honolulu in Kailua in a three-bedroom townhouse with her husband, Ian Pescaia, their cat, Horace, and pointer-red nose pit bull named Zeus. The townhouse was Snyder's pride and joy, decorated with Hawaiian prints bursting with pastel renderings of women garlanded with flowers.[2]

Christine was enamoured with The Outdoor Circle. The three-person staff was supplemented by 11 branches across the state, and Christine's job required her to manage scattered groups of volunteers.[2]

In Waikiki, she argued for developers to save several large old banyan trees at a building site. In the end, after a protracted struggle with the developer, Christine prevailed. At her memorial service, the same developers sent flowers.[2]


Husband, Ian Pescaia


  • 1984:Christine meets her future husband Ian Pescaia. Christine was a high-school freshman and Ian a senior.
  • 1993:Christine and Ian began dating.
  • 1995:Christine joins the Outer Circle.
  • 2000:Christine and her volunteers planted 50 coconut, palm, claw-blossomed wiliwili and beach heliotrope trees on Magic Island, part of Ala Moana Beach Park in Oahu.
  • June 2001:Christine marries Ian in a casual ceremony near the water.

"See you tomorrow," Mary called out to her friend.[3]


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